Using Bistro Sets to Set the Mood of a Wedding

Published: 27th April 2011
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Bistro sets have long been loved as patio furnishings or tucked away in a covered front porch. Many people have brought bistro sets indoors as a perfect little corner getaway. But people may want to consider versatile bistro sets as the solution to setting up a great atmosphere for a party or wedding reception as well. If long banquet tables feel a little cold and impersonal for such an intimate gathering, bistro sets may be the answer. People naturally gravitate to the cozy size and tet a tet that bistro sets offer. With only two chairs to each table, bistro sets are a comfortable spot for two that still allows conversing with people at the next table.

When wanting to use bistro sets for wedding seating, it will be most successful if there are only around 50 to 60 guests invited. Bistro sets placed in a ring around a cleared dance floor allow easy access to both the floor and the seating. This is convenient and attractive arrangement and allows free movement and a relaxed mood. Caterers may be called upon to make slipcovers of silk or other flowing fabrics to add to the ambiance of the evening. Because bistro sets have a smaller table surface, matching tablecloths will require much less fabric to achieve an opulent appearance. Bistro tables are perfect for a reception in a ballroom with French doors opening onto a terrace as well. Tables dotting a flower lined terrace and overlooking a glittering city view just scream romance.

Indoor wedding receptions are the perfect place to use bistro sets in a more formal wood styling, with padded seats and backrests. These bistro sets would require little more than a small bouquet of fragrant fresh flowers and a candle's warm glow to make them look special and inviting. For outdoor weddings, there are a wide variety of styles of bistro sets to choose from depending on the formality level of the affair. A more formal style outdoor reception would be well served by any of the wrought iron bistro sets. with comfortable cushions that could be covered in a coordinating fabric. For a country garden wedding, people might choose a wicker or rattan style. These wicker bistro sets can even be easily painted to match the wedding decor, although a natural finish is classic.

There are also bistro sets that have storage built into the bases. These make for a convenient and organized way to have all of the serving pieces needed close at hand. These sets make a great station for beverages and ice. For a very casual wedding or a barbecue party at pool side, there are even molded resin bistro sets that would be worry free if a guest happened to still be wet from a dip in the pool. These resin sets are also lightweight and will stack and store away compactly after the event is over. Whatever the mood one is trying to set, the budget that needs to be met, or the level of formality that is appropriate, bistro sets are a unique alternative to the average, everyday wedding decor and will help create a look that will be remembered.

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