Unusual Places to Utilize Bistro Sets

Published: 27th April 2011
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When you have a small space that is just begging for a little coziness, consider the vast array of bistro sets available on the market today. Bistro sets are not just for quaint outdoor cafes anymore, but come in so many colors and styles that they can be just the right touch for any area and purpose in your home, apartment, condo, or even your business.

Let's begin with the obvious places that bistro sets are commonly used: Of course that would be on the back patio. Because patios are so often the place where food is served, bistro sets are often used, even in the presence of a larger patio set. They are not confined to the back yard patio, either. It is becoming very popular with people whose homes have a covered front porch or a wraparound porch, to have little bistro sets where people can comfortably entertain a casual visitor who has dropped by to say hello. Because of the compact size, bistro sets are found on the balconies of many condos and high rise apartments alike.

How about taking a more creative approach? Bistro sets make the perfect little hideaway spot for a lazy brunch for two when tucked away near a sunny window in a master bedroom. This is also a nice finishing touch for a guest room, making it feel more special. As far as bedrooms go, why not add a set to any bedroom in the house? They are so versatile, and set out of the way so well, that, especially in smaller bedrooms, that bistro sets make great study desks for teenagers. And as a small make-up and vanity table for a girl, bistro sets can't be beat.

A den is another great spot to place one of these sets. After a few hours of bookkeeping or filing, imagine how convenient it would be to slip over to the perfect little seat near the window for a lunch break. What about using a set as a game table in a family room? With two chairs, bistro sets are just the right accommodation for a game of chess, checkers or a quick game of old maid. Bistro sets in the family room are also a great place for a rootbeer float or chips and salsa for two. If you are a frequent entertainer, why not consider placing several bistro sets in the family room so that during a party there are several little "snack stations" to conveniently serve guests.

While thinking out of the box, imagine placing one of the stylish bistro sets in your master bathroom. Bistro sets may not be the first thing you think of when you are planning a bathroom's decor, but if your master bathroom has been designed as a spacious retreat from the world, bistro sets may be the answer for a small seating area. Bistro sets in the master bath make the perfect spot to dry off, do makeup, or leaf through a favorite magazine while the tub is filling. So when you are looking for just the right small furniture piece for a finishing touch, don't forget to consider using bistro sets.

Bistro Sets

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