The Benefits of Manual Push Mowers

Published: 27th April 2011
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If you are interested in keeping your yard clean and neat, a push mower is probably already your best friend. However, if you also want to enhance the beauty of your house by maintaining your yard while being friendly to the environment, you probably have?or should probably think about getting?a manual push mower. Unlike the popular gas-fueled mower, manual push mowers are fueled one hundred percent by natural power?your muscles! Gas-fueled push mowers work for many people because they are efficient, fast, and powerful. If you have a relatively small yard and a strong desire to care for the environment, then the manual push mower may just become your new best friend.

Motorized lawn mowers use rotary blades to cut the grass. The cutting edge on these blades is parallel to the ground and spins around to cut through grass and weeds. Unlike a gas-fueled push mower, manual mowers have five to eight steel, spiral blades that spin perpendicular to the ground. Manual push mowers are often called ?reel" push mowers because of these special blades. When you push the mower, the force turns the blades and clips the grass like scissors. While manual push mowers do not have as much power, they create a nice fine cut with no ripping and tearing of the blades of grass.

Some people believe that manual push mowers are healthier for grass because they create a pattern similar to the natural growth pattern of the blades of grass. A gas-powered push mower will often collect the grass clippings in a bag that you need to empty out later. On the other hand, manual mowers almost always disperse the cut blades among the lawn. Some people do not like the look of grass cuttings left on the lawn, but it is actually healthier for the lawn in the long run because the clippings, which decompose quickly, release nutrients back into the soil. These clippings function almost like fertilizer to the grass blades that remain.

Reel push mowers appeal to many people not only because do they not emit pollution, but also because they are much less expensive. If you have a manual push mower, you do no have to keep purchasing gas for your mower. Also, because manual mowers have no motor, they don't make noise while you mow. So mowing the lawn can become a very serene, quiet, and enjoyable experience for you.

Of course, every good thing has its disadvantages. Manual push mowers are not right for everyone. If you have a manual push mower, you will need to mow the lawn much more frequently than if you had a traditional gas-powered mower because manual mowers were not made to trim tall grass. Also, gas mowers do a better job of trimming weeds. It takes a little longer to mow your lawn with a manual push mower, so if you have a large lawn the extra time may not be worth it. Some experts suggest that if your yard is bigger than two thousand square feet, a gas-powered push mower is the best option.
The kind of push mower you buy really depends on your preferences and needs. If a manual mower is right for you, you will enjoy mowing and maintaining your yard while keeping the environment safe.

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