Portable Dishwashers and How They Work

Published: 03rd May 2011
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If you wish you had a dishwasher but don't have room for a standard built-in model, then a portable dishwasher may be just what you are looking for. Perhaps you don't know much about how a portable dishwasher works and what it would take to make one work for you. By understanding how a portable dishwasher works, you may be able to determine whether this is the right kind of dishwasher to meet your needs.

First of all, where does a portable dishwasher get the water to wash the dishes? It isn't hooked up to pipes like a built-in model, so it actually uses a hose with an adaptor to attach it to the kitchen or other tap. This means that you can store the portable dishwasher away until you need it and simply roll it over by the kitchen sink, hook up the adaptor for the hose, and you will have the necessary water to wash the dishes.

The portable dishwasher uses a pump just like any other type of dishwasher to send the hot water through the sprayer arms, which usually rotate. These rotating sprayer arms send the water spraying on the dishes to remove food residue, after which gravity brings the water to the bottom of the portable dishwasher. This is basically how both the portable dishwasher and built-in units work; they all have a pump that forces the water through the washing chamber.

In order to keep the portable dishwasher from overfilling and spilling water onto your floor or counter, a float switch is one of its basic features. This switch is connected to a flotation device that rises along with the water level. When the flotation device reaches a predetermined level, the switch is activated and the flow of water going to the portable dishwasher is immediately shut off. If you have a problem with leaking or water spilling over your portable dishwasher, you may have a problem with a bad float switch.

After the wash and rinse cycles have finished up, the water that has collected in the bottom of the portable dishwasher needs to be drained out. In the portable dishwasher, the pump forces the water out through a hose that is connected to the unit. You will need to place the drainage hose in the sink where it can drain.

A portable dishwasher is an excellent option when there is not enough room for a built-in unit. A portable dishwasher can be stored in a convenient closet or moved into another room. They come on castors so they are easy to roll around. They provide the same cleaning power as built-in units, although you will usually find that there are not as many added features available. For instance, the basic portable dishwasher probably won't come with an option for a timer function. However, you don't really need that type of function since you simply roll it out when you are ready to use it and roll it away when you are finished. A portable dishwasher can be a wonderful appliance if your space is limited.

Portable Dishwasher

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