Bistro Sets come in many Styles and Finishes

Published: 27th April 2011
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No matter what area of a home or business they are used in, bistro sets come in a wide variety of finishes and styles that will be a perfect fit. Used outdoors, bistro sets will need to be weather resistant, sturdy, and have be protected from the sun's harmful rays. For outdoor use, it is possible to find bistro sets that come in several treated wood finishes, as well as powder coated aluminum, and even inexpensive poured resin in an array of colors. Decorative, heavy wrought iron bistro sets have a more expensive feel and add a look of luxury wherever they are used. It is also possible to find bistro sets for indoor use that are crafted in a more tailored and traditional style with Queen Ann legs and upholstered seat cushions and tufted backrests.

The table surface of bistro sets used outdoors will need to be protected from rain and water damage. There are bistro sets that have tile tops, granite tops, and even stainless steel surfaces, that will resist moisture damage. Seats can vary from molded resin, to slatted wood in many different colors, to thick and comfortable loose cushions that can be removed for washing. Bistro sets with cushions or any other fabric components must be treated against the harmful effects of UV rays to prevent fading and sun-rot. It would also be wise to treat the fabrics with a stain guard and fabric sealer to help prevent mildew.

Bistro sets come in variety of heights as well. The standard table height bistro sets work well for households where children commonly frequent the chairs. This will prevent tipping and other dangers, though small children should always be supervised when climbing on chairs, and should not be allowed to climb onto the tables surface. People who entertain frequently may prefer the taller bar height bistro sets, as they lend an air of sophistication and festivity to the area. Several of these taller bistro sets placed strategically around a backyard pool, for instance, create an instant party atmosphere when set with fresh flowers and lit candles in the evening.

When bistro sets are only needed occasionally, there are sets that store away easily. The colorful poured resin sets will stack, allowing several to be stored in a small footprint. These resin bistro sets are especially handy for use on a back patio for family get-togethers or around a pool where users are sure to be covered in sunscreen, and soaking wet. These bistro sets can simply be hosed off, allowed to dry, and stacked away for future use. There are also bistro sets that fold, the way any folding table and chairs do, so that they may be turned sideways and tucked away in a closet or stacked in the loft of a garage for the season.

Whether a person's style is rustic or casual, shabby chic or even formal, sets can be found in a style to suit the decor. And whether for everyday or occasional use, there are styles that allow for every home's needs. For indoors or out, bistro sets come in every finish and style, and fit well in any home.

Bistro Sets

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