Benefits of a Riding Mower

Published: 27th April 2011
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If you have a large amount of lawn space as part of your landscaping, you may be thinking about purchasing a riding mower. Most people with small or average lawns are perfectly happy with a regular, gas-powered mower. These actually have great health benefits, as one can get in a nice walk while walking behind the mower. However, if your lawn is quite large, using a regular mower can be quite a challenge and take more time than you are willing to spend. This is where a riding mower comes into play. A riding mower will typically have a seat for the driver to sit on with easy-to-use controls right at hand. Using a riding mower rather than a walk-behind mower for a large lawn usually means that the grass gets cut regularly and the lawn will not be neglected.

A riding mower usually comes in either gas-powered or battery operated models, with the gas-powered riding mower being the most common. A riding mower looks a lot like a little tractor with a mower attachment. You have probably seen them being used on golf courses or in large parks or even at schools. The riding mower is increasing in popularity, especially as the population ages. Many older people still prefer to take care of their own yards. For a person with a relatively small yard, the expense of the mower may not be worth it, but for a large yard, it will save you so much time that you will wonder what you ever did without it.

There are many features and options as well as a large price range when you are looking for the right riding mower. Some will include a rear-mounted leaf catcher, while others strictly mulch. If you are not sure about the kinds of features you want, you can ask a garden specialist at your local home improvement store to explain some of the differences between models to you. Many people feel that the turning radius on a riding mower is the most important feature. A riding mower with a tight radius allows you to cut sharply and get right to the corner of any yard. Another feature that many people who live in colder climates like to have on a mower, is the ability to switch to snow removal in the wintertime. In fact, one of the newest models of riding mower can mow, shovel snow, and tow. However, you can also find a relatively inexpensive riding mower with fewer features if that is what you are looking for.

For people who want a riding mower with fewer emissions that the gas-powered models, then the battery operated ones are the ones to look at. If you go this route for your riding mower, be sure you check out the battery and make certain it is of high quality. You will want to have a battery charger on hand as well. Whether you go with the gas-powered model or with the battery, you and your yard will both be happy you purchased a riding mower.

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