A Riding Mower is a Multi-functional Machine

Published: 27th April 2011
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The purchase of a riding mower can be a very large investment. Having a riding mower during the summer makes lawn maintenance much easier and can even enhance your enjoyment of a generally labor intensive and dirty task. For those with back problems or grass allergies, a riding mower is really the only way to go. Once summer is over, what do you do with your riding mower during the winter.? Having that huge machine sitting, vacant, taking up your shed space can almost make you regret owning it. Fortunately, there are other uses that you can find if you are willing to be a little bit creative with your riding mower.

If you live in a climate where snow is common during the winter, you realize that the coming of winter months means trading a rake for a shovel. Sometimes it means going outside when you are already running late and picking up that dreaded snow shovel just to make it so you can pull the car out of the driveway. If you have a riding mower, there is another alternative to shoveling that is much more efficient. Many companies sell attachments that allow a riding mower to help with snow removal that can vary, depending on the size of riding mower and the depth of snow. The most common implement is the snow plow. It is also possible to buy snow blowers that attach to the front of your riding mower. By attaching a snow plow or snow blower to the front of your riding mower, you have a great solution to a heavy problem.

Other types of attachments allow you to use your riding mower to carry or haul. There are lawn sweepers or vacuums that you can attach to the back of your riding mower that pick up grass clippings as you go. These can also be used to pick up leaves that fall in autumn or debris that are blown into your yard. Many companies offer trailers perfectly suited to carry dirt or ground coverings that you can attach to your riding lawn mower in order to more easily facilitate your landscaping projects. There are even mulching attachments for your riding mower.

A riding mower can also help with other types of yard work, especially when your land or garden is quite large. Although not every riding mower is well suited to help with gardening, many have optional attachments that help with tilling soil and spreading fertilizer. There are aerator and dethatcher attachments. These allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots. This promotes a greener and healthier lawn. There are also sprayers and spreaders that can spray weed killer or fertilizer.

Because of the many attachments available, you can convert your riding mower into a multi-functional machine that is useful to help with a variety of different projects and doesn't have to be hidden away during the winter months. By using your riding mower for multiple purposes, you not only keep it in good working condition, but you can spend less time completing the work you need to in order to maintain a beautiful landscape.

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